Franken-Monitor Doesn’t Give Insightful User Metrics [COMIC]

Following up on our previous comic where Frank’s boss declares they’re adding database monitoring, Frank and his boss have another encounter about user metrics. Since Frank, and his company, are using several tools to monitor their users the data they gain doesn’t give them clear results or context. A lot of the supposed “insights” are actually conflicting or non-actionable.

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The Franken-Monitor adds Database Monitoring [COMIC]

In June with our Summer ‘15 Release, we introduced the IT world to true Unified Monitoring — a single pane of glass to monitor your whole environment. Finally obtain complete visibility into your entire IT Infrastructure with an industry-first application-centric integrated monitoring platform.

Coinciding with the release, we re-introduced the concept of Franken-Monitoring, the antithesis of Unified Monitoring. This monstrosity happens when tools don’t integrate well with each other, offer disparate data, cost extra money, and simply don’t work. Continuing with this theme, we’ve decided to produce a recurring comic strip using the Franken-Monitor as our dopey anti-hero.

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Enjoy our Franken-Monitor infographic 

Infographic – Franken-Monitoring from AppDynamics