It is only libel if it is not true!

Today was another glorious day at AppDynamics HQ. We received yet another cease and desist letter from our friendly competitors at CA, Inc. It turns out they aren’t happy with our truth campaign. Apparently, CA doesn’t like it when a competitor who beat them in 100% of the deals in which it competed last quarter spreads the truth about the differences between our products. Lucky for us, it is clear that comparative advertising of this kind is encouraged in the United States, and it has been specifically sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission, among other government bodies, due to the inherent benefits it yields to the consumer by assisting purchasing decisions. Nonetheless, CA, like a dying dinosaur lashing out in its death throes, has chosen to spend its dwindling resources on legal threats and lawyers. Clearly CA has forgotten how ineffective and invalid its cease and desists letters are. We have seen this move before and, as always, the truth will prevail. The truth is AppDynamics is easy to use, lower cost, and ideal for modern distributed applications.

Great news for AppDynamics since we don’t lose focus so easily and continue delivering the best APM solution in the market.

Are you getting 100% visibility with CA Wily Introscope?

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Originally we were using Wily Introscope for deep method inspections. One of the reasons it didn’t pan out for us was the requirement that we tell it whenever a particular event was occurring, and that we needed to know more about that event. It becomes difficult whenever you don’t know that a particular type of event is about to happen and you go to your APM and say, ‘Now pay attention. Now give me some more.’ Something like AppDynamics, which detects that event and says, ‘Hey, something interesting is going on, I’m going to collect more data for you.’ That was more in line with the type of solution we were looking for.”
-John Martin, Senior Director of Production Engineering at

Keep calm cause haters gonna hate!

Glassdoor proves AppDynamics is a Great Place to Work!

AD TeamIt’s been almost two years since I joined AppDynamics and it’s been one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. I used to work at a competitor, and quickly realized I was working for the wrong company. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut feeling when it comes to technology–you’ve either got a product that’s special or you don’t, and I know what it’s like to experience both feelings.

At AppDynamics the technology is definitely special, but I also joined a group of like-minded people who shared the same passion as I did for application monitoring. The no-compromise approach to figuring out new ways of doing things that couldn’t be done previously, along with a laser-focus on solving real world problems for customers, is pretty inspiring. Things are never perfect at any company but the passion to make our customers successful, and the will to win business professionally, is unique at AppDynamics. We really believe that enterprise software doesn’t have to suck, it should never be shelfware, and it should be affordable by everyone–which is one of the reasons why we created a free product AppDynamics Lite that now has over 100,000 users and our commercial product AppDynamics Pro is reasonably priced.

In just two years we’ve disrupted an application monitoring market that was previously dominated by expensive complex solutions that quite frankly sucked. This disruption was one of the reasons why Gartner recognized AppDynamics as a Leader in their 2012 APM Magic Quadrant, and we’ve only been selling our product for two years! This speaks volumes for what we’ve achieved in such a short period of time. What’s also great is that our customers are very vocal about their success; our case study page is packed with customer success stories, with several customers willing to publish actual ROI results from their AppDynamics deployments. How many real customer ROI stories have you read recently from any vendor? My guess is not many.

One online community that provides an accurate inside look at companies is It basically lets employees rate different aspects of the company they work for, from compensation all the way through to culture and leadership. If you search for all the APM companies on that are currently recognized in the Gartner’s APM Magic Quadrant, here is what the top 10 looks like:

Glassdoor APM ratings

*Glassdoor ratings correct as of 1/10/2013

I’m pretty proud to work for a company where employees are very satisfied and give their CEO 100% approval. That says a lot about the success and leadership of the company–happy employees also means a happy place to work and trust me, this is pretty important when you spend most of your life at work!

One company that didn’t score well was Compuware. Only 38% of employees would recommend a friend and only 68% approve of their CEO. Not particularly encouraging when you need your employees to innovate, run through walls, and beat the competition. A hedge fund recently put an offer on the table to take Compuware private–let’s hope those guys can get the employees jazzed.

If you’re looking for the next challenge, cool technology and a great place to work, you should consider joining AppDynamics. We’ve got 21 positions currently open and we need great people to help scale the great company we’re building!

With customers like Netflix, Orbitz, Fox News, Vodafone and Yahoo you’ll experience the ins and outs of monitoring some of the largest applications in the world.

Oh, and you get to work with a superhero like me!