AppDynamics AppSphere 2015 is just months away, let the countdown begin!

Mark your calendars for Nov 30 – Dec 4

When we were planning our first user conference last year, we knew AppSphere would be special, but it was even more incredible than we had imagined.

We hosted hundreds of attendees from over 350 companies, 20 countries, and countless disciplines and backgrounds. But, it wasn’t just the sheer size and diversity of attendees that made it a landmark event: AppSphere 2014 was the first time AppDynamics had the opportunity to bring our worldwide community together in one place at one time. Attendees discussed how they are using our products to change the way they monitor their mission-critical applications; what trends they saw on the horizon; and what products and companies are making an impact on how business is being done in our ever-evolving, technology-driven world.

If you were there, you probably remember what a noteworthy event AppSphere 2014 was. In case you missed it, you can check out the highlights here:

This year, we’re excited to do it again, but bigger, better — with even more focus on bringing you the game-changing information you need to win in an increasingly competitive market.

AppSphere 2015 will be held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from November 30 – December 4 with three conference days and two days of free end-user training and we want you to join us.

Whether it’s through exclusive access to AppDynamics’ executives and engineers, hands-on training sessions, keynotes from industry innovators, information-packed breakout sessions, or peer-to-peer networking, you’ll leave with the intel you need to optimize your business in a software-defined world.

By attending AppSphere, you’ll also be the first to hear about the projects and product developments that the AppDynamics engineering team has been working on. Last year, AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal gave a roadmap presentation where he unveiled new product features, including our Virtual War Room and Application Analytics.

Attendees will also have the chance to engage 1:1 with our engineers and see live demos of new and existing features in our Developer Lounge. When you add in free live training* (we’re offering over 13,000 hours of training this year!), the ability to engage with our partners to hear their insights on real-world infrastructures and workflows, and sipping a few cocktails during our party at Marquee, you’ve got a conference that will make the most of your time out of the office (with a side of fun thrown in!). Need to justify the trip? Let us help you Convince Your Boss.

As we continue to nail down the details for AppSphere 2015, we’ll be making some exciting speaker announcements, so check our agenda page for updates.

Want to get involved in AppSphere 2015? We’re also seeking breakout speakers — if you have an interesting success (or failure), practical how-to, proven best practice, or effective new approach to share, we would love to hear from you. Fill out our Call for Papers here.

Register now to save your seat and receive $200 off! 

We’ll see you in Vegas!

*Each attendee is guaranteed one on-site training session at AppSphere with their registration.


Top 10 Tweets From #AppSphere14

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except when you tweet about it. From Advil and Gatorade to the “Virtual War Room”, we went through all the tweets from AppSphere 2014 and picked out a few of our favorites!

10. Some people just can’t handle Vegas.

9. Jonah Kowall of Gartner explains the core conflict facing the IT industry.

8. Packed house at the Sponsor Pavilion for happy hour. A big thank you to all our sponsors!

7. If you are only doing business on the web you are leaving a massive audience behind.

6. Bill Platt of Amazon Web Services: “If you can’t monitor it, you can’t manage it”.

5. AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal announces C/C++ monitoring, requiring no change in code.

4. Changing the APM game with Application Analytics

3. Introducing the Virtual War Room

2. Industry experts addressing the uncertainty surrounding the future of the cloud.

1. No great event is complete without a pool party!

Thanks again to all the speakers, sponsors and attendees who helped make AppSphere 2014 a success. See you all back in Las Vegas for AppSphere 2015!

AppSphere 2014 Wrap: Three Days of Transformation

The big keynotes and general sessions energized and inspired all of us. We’re buzzing with new ideas, we’ve seen our concepts validated, and we see the direction we’re going in as we return to the real world to pursue our collective mission to keep the world’s important applications, and the enterprises they power, running at their very best. This last day of AppSphere 2014 finds our attendees immersed in a final group of speaker sessions and a full day of training. Here are some final highlights and thoughts from AppSphere.

Day Two: Big Ideas About Big Transformations

“People go to sleep with their iPhones and wake up with their iPhones.” That’s how Patrick McMahon, IBM managing partner and vice president for IT strategy & transformation, characterized the visible tip of the iceberg of cataclysmic change that is impacting everything everyone does in the realm of digital technology. In addition to the mobile revolution, he cited the social media explosion, hyper-digitization, and the power of analytics as the other drivers of technological and social transformation.

unnamed (8)

McMahon underscored his points with a video of IBM’s groundbreaking, data-driven, interactive coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships, a massive mash-up of live video, real-time data feeds, analysis, and personalized viewer experiences. And virtually every line of code driving the whole experience is instrumented with AppDynamics.

People Are The Drivers of Change

Interestingly for a technology conference, the transformative role that people play was a recurring theme: People not only drive the technology, but drive the change within organizations that is absolutely mandatory for the technology to have its impact.

IBM’s McMahan pointed to a study that concluded, if you focus on the “change master” people, projects have an 80% success rate; if you don’t focus on the people, the success rate goes down to 8%.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Kevin Siminski, senior director of global product operations, described a series of strategies — from finding new opportunities to collaborate on, to rolling out the red carpet for internal clients to a two-day offsite led by AppDynamics — all targeted at nurturing the change in people within the organization, which in turn drives the technological change that ensures success for users.

And in his closing keynote, Jonah Kowall, research vice president, IT operations at Gartner, cited a survey of infrastructure and operations leaders, in which 47% said “people” are the most important drivers of technological change — and with “tools” coming in at a mere 3%.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.39.57 AM

What Does the Future Hold?

So many AppSphere speakers and attendees are sitting in positions that have unique views of what’s on the horizon, which they shared with great insight. There are far too many to include here. We’re posting a ton of content from AppSphere online, but here are a few snippets that I heard throughout the conference that are going to make a difference to my thinking:

“We need to monitor where business happens: inside the applications, inside the mobile devices. Look at the users.
The consumer is the business.”
— Jonah Kowall, Gartner

“Mobile is the tether between the brand and the consumer.”
— Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava

“Everyone is afraid of what’s the next Uber that is going to affect my industry? But the next thing is already behind Uber and ready to knock it out.”
— Patrick McMahon, IBM

“Innovation is no longer a choice, it is a necessity…The left side of our brain is totally overused. What about the right side? What about driving imagination?”
— Rathi Murthy, American Express

“How do you get things accomplished? Passion, partnerships, positivity, persistence, and patience.”
— Spencer Schwab, Citrix Systems

“One second is the new one minute.”
— Bill Platt, Amazon Web Services

See You Next Year!

Thank you to our speakers, our customers and partners, and our staff for an amazing conference! Our first AppSphere was outstanding, and we’re already scheduled for AppSphere 2015. Be sure to check out the info on AppDynamics to take advantage of great discounts available until 12/31/14.

Thank you again, and see you next year!

The Envelope, Please! Meet The Inaugural AppSphere Transformation Award Winners

If there’s one way we want to be thought of at AppDynamics, it’s as a customer-driven, customer-centric company. Customer needs are what drives the innovation in our product. Customer success is what drives our day-to-day operations. So it’s fitting that a high point of our first customer conference is recognizing outstanding accomplishments of AppDynamics customers.

AppDynamics leaders Jyoti Bansal and Joe Sexton took the stage Tuesday night to honor a group of exceptional customers who have embraced, leveraged, and enhanced the AppDynamics platform with the first AppSphere Transformation Awards — but not before they first paused to recognize two “AppDynamos,” employees who spearheaded the monumental efforts of our staff to put together AppSphere: Elizabeth Hall and Tracy Kraft.

Now, I’m pleased to present here the inaugural AppSphere Transformation Award Winners.

Cisco Systems
Business Impact Award

Most impressive ROI/TCO
As the worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and selling Internet Protocol-based networking and associated services, Cisco provides a broad line of products for transforming data, voice, and video within buildings and across campuses. AppDynamics was rolled out globally across the organization’s 23 data centers, deploying a total of 15,000 agents in just one week. All of this was set up to report back into a single AppDynamics-hosted SaaS controller. AppDynamics’ value was evident in the reduction of false positive reports, which were costing the company an average of 7,000 man-hours per year and deterring the team from focusing on other issues. Employing data-driven troubleshooting as opposed to a gut-feel approach, Cisco has seen a significant operational impact with AppDynamics.

Cloud Master Award

Highest impact of cloud migration
Pearson is uniquely placed to help meet the global demand for better education and skills. It applied its innovative technology to promote collaboration throughout the education ecosystem and transformed its business into a digital marketplace to educate the world. The company’s portfolio contains more than 800 digital assets and over 100 million distinct transactions for professors and students. The company additionally experiences peak seasons that drastically increase the load on their systems. Understanding the necessity of a robust cloud infrastructure, Pearson has been migrating its applications to public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, and has built one of the most unique private cloud environments in the world. With AppDynamics, the company can understand both the demand for and utilization of these resources, and determine where and how it needs to scale those resources. During the recent back-to-school season, Pearson utilized AppDynamics to save more than $700,000 across a single digital asset, and also achieved five times scalability on a separate digital asset.

The Kroger Company
DevOps King Award

Most noteworthy use of AppDynamics to make an impact on the DevOps culture
The country’s largest supermarket chain and the fifth largest retailer in the world, Kroger has 2,400 stores globally. The company brought in AppDynamics to ensure successful support of its key customer support applications. Kroger was able to utilize AppDynamics’ powerful dashboards to the fullest to drive the fastest dev to ops cycle and to increase visibility across teams. By using AppDynamics across the entire lifecycle, Kroger has reduced its mean-time-to-resolution, maximized the quality of its releases and increased performance. In the future, Kroger plans to work with AppDynamics to help build service impact models, which will further aid root cause analysis and problem management.
Rapid Deployment Award

Quickest large-scale deployment
As the world’s largest publicly traded online gambling company, the successes of this company are linked directly to live sports action of world-wide games. Bwin Party started the deployment prior to one the largest sporting events in the world, just months before the 2014 World Cup Championship. Bwin Party rolled out roughly 1,000 production servers in less than 10 business days. With a large portion of the business dependent on sports betting, and the 2014 World Cup kicking off a few weeks after the deployment, Bwin.Party arranged remote boot camp sessions to enable more than 35 key stakeholders in development and operations to leverage AppDynamics capabilities during the World Cup, moving from reactive to proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Data Analytics Award

Most creative use of performance data to drive business results
ExactTarget, a subsidiary of Salesforce, is a global leader in email marketing and cross-channel interactive marketing services. With a distributed, complex application environment, and a mix of legacy components and new technology features, the company chose AppDynamics because of its platform agility and ability to deploy and run within six hours. With AppDynamics, ExactTarget was able to immediately drill down into issues that existed for years, and work with its development teams to address them. Delivering close to one billion emails daily and pushing close to two million metrics a minute, it continues to leverage the value AppDynamics provides in large-scale enterprises. With its investment in AppDynamics, ExactTarget has drastically improved visibility into its mission-critical mail application. The company has also been able to identify the root cause of production issues that previously took months or longer to resolve. Additionally, ExacctTarget has reduced the mean-time-to-resolution, maximized the quality of its releases and increased performance across the enterprise.

MVP Award

Standout thought leader of 2014
Citrix’s applications are used by millions of users worldwide to collaborate, present, train, and communicate ideas. As an early adopter of AppDynamics, Citrix is largely responsible for helping AppDynamics think differently about the needs of the enterprise customer. Citrix leverages every feature of AppDynamics, and has contributed to the development of all of them. In development, the company uses AppDynamics to assess the quality of applications before they move to QA. In QA and performance testing, it pulls detailed information out of the AppDynamics platform to understand where there are failures, where there may be faults, and how well applications will scale with customer demand. In production, all of its key applications are monitored by AppDynamics, and the knowledge developed in dev and QA is leveraged to better understand its applications in production.

Engagement Award

Most users served
As the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world, the largest home Internet provider in the United States, and the nation’s third largest home telephone service provider, Comcast epitomizes the engagement aspect of business. With 40,000 new customers activations per day, AppDynamics has optimized the application used for new customer acquisition beyond expectations. By reducing downtime, there is a direct bump to the bottom line through the ability to connect and activate more customers each day. In the customer support organization, AppDynamics significantly reduces the administration of APM, and avoided the dreaded blind spots that bottleneck customer support call centers.

Union Pacific Railroad
Scaling for Success

Most complex large-scale deployment
As a leader in technology-driven innovation, Union Pacific is in the forefront of using next generation sensors, analytics, and systems for safe and efficient operation of the railroad. With nearly one thousand tiers and one thousand nodes, Union Pacific is impressive not only in the size but also the complexity of the deployment. Out of thousands of Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), no more than a dozen are identical. This variety makes the environment especially unique. Union Pacific leverages AppDynamics to trace every transaction in this environment across the enterprise and to trace and pinpoint the exact location of any issue.

The Zen Award

Best service in during seasonal peak traffic
DIRECTV is one of the world’s leading providers of digital television entertainment services and offers its customers access to exclusive sports programming. The company started its deployment of AppDynamics more than a year ago, with a goal to deploy on the first Sunday of the football season. Following this deployment, the company delivered a flawless video experience for millions of football fans around the country. Less than six months after the initial deployment, DIRECTV expanded this application to support the global demands of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Mobile First Award

Highest mobile end-user impact and highest end-to-end correlation
As the world’s leading provider of spend management solutions and services, Concur offers corporate travel booking, expense management, and invoice management services. This cloud-based company service processes more than 350,000 expense reports and 120,000 travel bookings per day. The company has a total of $50 billion pass through its service every year — roughly 10 percent of the world’s total annual travel and expense spending. As would be expected for a travel-focused service company, the demand for users to access the website from mobile devices is constantly increasing. With AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring, Concur is able to effectively provide its services through a mobile interface to users, as well as receive real-time mobile performance data and behavioral insight into the mobile end-user experience. With up-to-the-minute granular code-level visibility for both web and mobile applications, Concur has dramatically accelerated its resolution process and reduced MTTR from hours or days to minutes or seconds.It can now ensure that all the apps are performing as they should, and that users are happily able to do what they need to do — from wherever they are.

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AppSphere Speaker Panel: Cloudy With A Chance Of Innovation

AppSphere Day One general sessions ended with a panel of cloud experts led in discussion by Jonah Kowall, research vice president – IT operations at Gartner, with questions prepared by Jonah and also submitted by the audience. The course of the discussion indicated that — like so many things in this time of transformation and generational shift — there’s still a lot of confusion and uncertainty about the vague but huge concept of “the cloud,” and at the same time, great opportunity.
unnamed (6)
Some misconceptions dispelled, guiding principles, and best practices offered by the panel:

  • The cloud can be a cost-efficient option, but innovation should be a bigger driver than any anticipated cost savings.
  • Speed, flexibility, faster time to market, speed of innovation, and efficient utilization of resources are all good drivers for cloud adoption.
  • You can’t just lift a chunk of infrastructure and drop it into the cloud. It doesn’t work that way. Assumptions about how things interact, latency, storage, etc. are no longer true. Things have to be re-architected.
  • You have to have a plan and a strategy; otherwise, don’t even start.
  • The network, and network latency, are critical factors for performance in the cloud.
  • The hour-long discussion took a number of paths: the challenges and opportunities of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS; containers in general and Docker in particular; OpenStack; and others. The discussion ended with a five-year crystal ball look and not much agreement on which aspects of cloud will become commoditized and what services or layers will be the differentiators. But there was no disagreement that the cloud is where we’re moving, and that it will power amazing possibilities for business, and great benefits for consumers.

    The esteemed panel of cloud experts included:

    Mark Quigley, Vice President, Strategy, SoftLayer, an IBM Company
    Krishnan Subramanian, Director, OpenShift Strategy, Red Hat
    Matt Stine, Platform Engineer, Cloud Foundry, Pivotal
    Vibhor Kapoor, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure
    Allan Naim, Global Product Lead, Google Compute Engine, Google

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    Dispatch from AppSphere #2: Transforming the Future

    The AppSphere general sessions kicked off Monday afternoon with a full house in the beautiful Chelsea Theater at the Cosmopolitan. Joe Sexton, AppDynamics president of worldwide field operations, opened the afternoon sessions, followed by Founder and CEO Jyoti Bansal, who presented the Application Intelligence address.
    unnamed (5)
    I couldn’t help but be struck by what a powerful group of individuals filled the auditorium. To the average onlooker, they may have appeared to be a bunch of brainy computer types. But in reality, these are the people who keep the country’s and the world’s money and goods flowing, the internet working, the news and entertainment coming. Without these people whose focus is how well the software works, our world would be a poorer place in so many ways. It’s such an honor to have them all come together to explore the present and future of application intelligence with us. And I’m glad they’re not all flying on the same plane!

    In his Application Intelligence address, Jyoti Bansal described the “generational architectural shift” that’s been evolving with increasing rapidity over the past five years, as applications become more complex and distributed, and mobile, cloud, big data, and the internet of things shape the creation and consumption of digital applications. To thrive in this new world order will require greater communication and cooperation than ever between development (who talks about code), operations (who talks about fixing things), and business (who talks about revenue and conversion). The AppDynamics vision is that all the stakeholders can rally around the business transaction as the common unit of management.
    unnamed (2)
    Jyoti went on to describe how the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform addresses the challenges of this generational shift, and used that as a launch pad to describe the exciting advances in the new, soon-to-be-available AppDynamics Fall 2014 Release, specifically:

    Next-Generation Platform Architecture that increases capacity exponentially, offering big data scale, easier manageability, and broad extensibility.

    Unified Monitoring with one platform for all monitoring needs, and now the full integration of database monitoring into the main AppDynamics platform, as well as C/C++ monitoring.

    Mobile First, with Mobile Real-User Monitoring that delivers behavioral analytics, performance monitoring and troubleshooting, and crash analytics.

    DevOps Collaboration facilitated by the new Virtual War Room, which gives teams a common space for diverse and dispersed teams to communicate and troubleshoot together.

    Application Analytics, which, through automated data collection in real time with business context, facilitates a host of powerful analysis and insights.

    AppDynamics CTO Bhaskar Sunkara provided live demos of the Virtual War Room and Application Analytics for an audience that appeared delighted by the new functionality.

    “If you can’t monitor it, you can’t manage it.”

    Bill Platt, general manager of Amazon Web Services, delivered the day’s keynote around a “monitor it” mantra. The scope and scale of Amazon Web Services as Bill described it is simply mind-numbing, and the task of monitoring it is truly monumental. Some key insights Bill put forth about monitoring:

    1. Expect lots of peaks and cliffs
    2. Rates of change matter
    3. Anomalies matter — they’re almost always the start of something
    4. 1 second is the new 1 minute
    5. Source of most monitoring data: Logs

    (For the record, AppDynamics Application Analytics aims to change #5.)
    unnamed (1)

    Words of success for DevOps, BizDevOps

    Spencer Schwab, staff application engineer for Citrix Systems — whose GoToMeeting product we use almost every day — delivered an inspirational session on his experiences evangelizing for a DevOps, and ultimately a BizDevOps model, for Citrix Systems. First, he described the process as he sees it for getting things done as five P’s: Passion, partnerships, positivity, persistence, and patience.

    He went on to describe how these principles apply to effecting the cultural change and collaborative attitude required for devops, and the ultimate desirability to incorporate business into the equation as “bizdevops,” for greater alignment from the top down, more effective resolution of conflicting priorities, and greater information transparency.

    He finished with another set of words he considers foundational for success and strategy: Failure, focus, fervor, faith, and forgiveness.

    A big finish for day one

    The last session of the day was our cloud panel, which I’ll cover in a separate post. The day ended with a large number of attendees clustered around the demo stations in the Developer Lounge — a beautiful sight to see! — before making their way to dinner and networking in the Sponsor Pavillion.

    By any measure, the first day of the first AppSphere was a huge success. Day two promises to be just as exciting.

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    Get an insider’s perspective to AppDynamics with the AppDynamics Fan Club

    If you have ever wondered how you can get even more out of your AppDynamics experience, you’ll want to be part of our new customer loyalty program, the AppDynamics Fan Club.

    Officially launched yesterday at AppSphere 2014, the Fan Club is designed to help our customers succeed at every step of their implementation. The program provides a venue for customers to discuss and share best practices around application performance and DevOps, as well as getting early access to product roadmaps, beta programs, features, and custom extensions.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 3.49.09 PM

    “The success of our customers is paramount,” said Hatim Shafique, our Chief Customer Success Officer and SVP of Technical Operations. “With the Fan Club, we are launching a new initiative to give our customers more insight into our evolving feature set. By using this venue to discuss and share best practices, our customers gain peer recognition and can be rewarded for their contributions to the performance community.”

    Since announcing the Fan Club to select customers, the program has attracted more than 100 members and is continuing to grow. Other benefits of Fan Club membership include:

  • Discounts on AppDynamics University classes and AppSphere
  • Invitations to members-only events
  • Priority seating an AppDynamics events
  • Access to premium technical content
  • A private forum on the AppDynamics community
  • Swag
  • And more …
  • The launch of the Fan Club program coincides with the re-launch of the AppDynamics Community portal. A redesigned forum structure and easier access to technical content are already in place, with additional changes coming over the next few weeks.

    Anyone interested in the AppDynamics Fan Club should visit the program’s description on the Community site. Or to join the program today, click here to register.

    AppSphere 2014 Is Officially Underway

    Greetings from lovely Las Vegas, USA! AppSphere 2014, the inaugural AppDynamics technology and business conference, is officially underway. Nearly 800 client and partner attendees from all across the country and the world are convened at Vegas’ stylish Cosmopolitan hotel to network, share ideas and best practices, and shape the future of Application Intelligence in a world increasingly defined by software. Some of the world’s most prominent names in technology, banking and finance, retail, consumer and business services, and virtually every other industry sector are represented here today.

    As crowds of attendees finished registering this morning, AppDynamics University set up classrooms for hands-on training on AppDynamics Pro .NET and Java advanced troubleshooting — exploring APM best practices including more sophisticated configurations, improved monitoring, and how to get the most out of AppDynamics tools — as well as AppDynamics Pro administration. From the look of the morning classes, with some 50–80 attendees in each, all the conference sessions are going to be full or standing room only.

    A special shout-out to today’s AppDynamo instructor team: Brad King, Angela Lang, Ray Baco, Bill Hastings, and lab assistants Todd Radel, Fabian Gonzales, and Parag Sanghavi.

    While those hands-on sessions were going on, more than 100 attendees joined our Partner General Session, where among many other things, they got a full brief on the AppDynamics product roadmap — how far it has come and where it’s going — and how AppDynamics is continuously pushing the boundaries of our three core Application Intelligence pillars: To monitor, automate, and analyze.

    While the training was happening and throughout the conference, the Developer Lounge is offering demos on selected AppDynamics solutions including Mobile Real-User Monitoring, APM-C/C++, new Application Analytics, new Browser Synthetic Monitoring, and Mobile App Monitoring.

    The excitement ramps up this afternoon as the general sessions formally kick off with remarks from Jyoti Bansal and Joe Sexton, followed by the Application Intelligence session, partner and customer sessions, and the cloud panel. Stay tuned for more on these later.

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    7 Reasons to be Unapologetically Excited for AppSphere 2014

    With just under a week to go until AppSphere 2014, the big global event at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, the AppDynamics team couldn’t be more excited to host our first-ever user conference.

    With IT industry leaders and thought leaders alike, we are ready for the inaugural AppSphere 2014 kick-off.

    1. There will be real, useful, actually-wanna-remember-this-and-use-it-someday content. This is not what you remember from your college days of information you took in, catalogued and never accessed again. Come away with actionable insight!

    2. Connecting with like-minded technologists. From Systems Engineers to Technology Architects all the way to CIOs and company founders, our attendees run the gamut of IT professionals.

    3. Goodies, giveaways, and swag. What would be a trade show if you didn’t walk away with your suitcase a little fuller than when you arrived? With sponsors like Apica, Softlayer, and Pivotal, you can rest assured you’ll be going home with more than just the knowledge you learn.

    4. Rubbing elbows with the industry leaders and visionaries. With a truly impressive speaker panel and keynote speakers that include the leaders at Google, Amazon, American Express and Microsoft, you’ll get to inside scoop on the latest trends from the guys and gals that know it best.

    5. Vegas. Cosmopolitan hotel. Parties. Drinks. Vegas again. While we have a laser focus of the conference to educate all our attendees and have them leave the conference a bit smarter than when they arrived, we also have a full agenda of full activities planned as well.

    6. Instructor-led classes for in-depth learning. Training sessions with AppDynamics experts so you can increase your AppDynamics knowledge and champion. Hone your application monitoring skills and come away a professional in application intelligence.

    7. The AppDynamics team, a Leader for the third consecutive year in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring, is hosting! OK, ok, this is a little self-promotional, but who wouldn’t be proud of an accomplishment like that. As you can tell, myself, along with everyone else at AppDynamics, is extremely excited for this monumental event.

    Registration is still open, but the window to sign-up for this event is closing soon. So sign up now, don’t wait!

    Gartner, IBM, + AWS keynotes announced for AppSphere 2014!

    We are excited to announce that AppSphere 2014 will feature keynotes from Jonah Kowall, Research Vice President, IT Operations at Gartner; Lance Crosby, Chief Executive Officer of SoftLayer, an IBM Company; and Bill Platt, General Manager of Amazon Web Services.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.53.33 AM


    Secure your seat for these must-see sessions at AppDynamics AppSphere 2014 — November 3-5, 2014 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

    The conference will also include a panel of cloud experts from Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, and AWS discussing the future of the Cloud. Including breakout sessions featuring industry thought leaders from American Express, MongoDB, CoreLogic, Lithium, and more. See the full list of speakers at AppSphere 2014.

    Jonah Kowall’s bio:

    Jonah Kowall is a Research VP in Gartner’s IT Operations Management group. He focuses on application performance monitoring (APM), event correlation and analysis (ECA), network fault monitoring (NFM), network performance monitoring (NPM), network configuration and change management (NCCM), and general system and infrastructure monitoring technologies (storage, virtualization, public cloud and private cloud). He also covers SLA monitoring of services and applications. Increasing SaaS delivery options of monitoring technologies include the monitoring of mobile device and mobile application performance. These technologies are the foundation of operations, and they exist to make incident, problem and change management possible for these teams.

    Lance Crosby’s bio:

    Lance Crosby is the founder and visionary behind SoftLayer, an IBM Company. He is responsible for managing the overall success and growth of the company. Prior to SoftLayer, Mr. Crosby spent five years with The Planet as chief operations officer where he managed all operations including sales, provisioning, product selection, managed services, application development, engineering, information security, business development, and legal departments. Serving in prior executive management roles at and Dallas Internet, he brings extensive experience in leadership and management skills coupled with extensive technical skills in software and hardware environments. Mr. Crosby holds bachelors’ degrees in finance and management, a Master of Science in finance and Master of Business Administration from Tarleton State University, a part of the Texas A&M University System. Mr. Crosby’s legal education includes a Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan School of Law. He is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas and is an active member of the State Bar of Texas.

    Bill Platt’s bio:

    Bill Platt is a General Manager for Amazon Web Services. Bill came to Amazon after being the Executive Vice President of Products at Engine Yard, a Platform as a Service startup which was a large early adopter of Amazon Web Services. Prior, he had senior leadership roles as a product executive at NComputing and Wyse Technology in the desktop virtualization market and a fifteen year career at Sun Microsystems where he led businesses including North American and Asia Pacific Services as well as Solaris and the Java Enterprise System. He has a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a business degree from the Wharton School of Business.

    Interested in speaking this year? Please join our Call for Papers.

    We look forward to seeing you in November!