Did Disney design today’s smart car…in 1958!?

In 1958, Disney made a prediction of the automotive industry. Disney expected that “speed, safety and comfort” would be the keynotes of tomorrow’s cars and highways. In this video about the “cars of tomorrow” (which we can surmise to mean cars of today since this was in the fifties!), viewers are told ...Read More

AppDynamics Kicks Off Its First Ever 48-Hour Hackathon

Hackathon: A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people together to improve upon or build a new software program (TechTarget). This month, over one hundred employees piled into conference rooms and meeting areas to participate in AppDynamics first ever internal ...Read More

Trump Still on Top of GOP Candidate Website Performance after Second Debate

Over the course of the 2016 presidential election, we are synthetically monitoring the performance of the major candidates’ website home pages. Each month and for specific occasions like debates, we are producing an index from those measurements to see how performance changes over time and for some of these specific events like ...Read More

Franken-Monitor Visits a War Room [COMIC]

Having silo’d monitoring toolsets will often provide more trouble than they’re worth. All too often, monitoring tools don’t work well together, provide conflicting data, or just simply can’t diagnose the problem. In a War Room scenario — where people from the database team, servers, developers, IT operations, and anyone else involved — ...Read More

ICYMI: Dynamic Digest Week of 9/21

Welcome to the Dynamic Digest, a weekly recap of the latest news happening in our industry. Want the pulse of what’s going on in enterprise software and analytics, performance management, cloud computing, data, and other like topics? We got you covered! This week in the tech world, hackers steal 5.6 million fingerprint ...Read More

AppDynamics AppSphere 2015 Speaker Roster Announced

AppDynamics AppSphereTM 2015 is just around the corner! We’re so excited to bring you a second year of the best Application Intelligence thought leadership, influencers, and training to the main stage at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas on Nov 30 to Dec 4. The theme for this year’s AppSphere is “Advantage.” ...Read More

Comparing Healthcare.gov performance improvement vs. J Crew.com slowdown

Each week, we measure the website home page performance of about 30 consumer sites using our Browser Synthetic Monitoring (Beta) tool. A summary of the results with the complete rankings and data for each of the sites is published each week by MobileStrategies360.com. It’s incredibly interesting to see how these sites change ...Read More

Understanding Node.js Memory Leaks

Memory leaks can be a serious problem in Node.js, potentially affecting the performance of your Node apps. Although it might look like a predicament in the back-end is causing the application to fail, the real source of a bug could be a Node.js memory leak. It’s important to understand what memory leaks ...Read More

Net Promoter Score Expert Weighs in on AppDynamics Latest NPS Score

AppDynamics is proud to announce its latest NPS score of 85, another above average score for the application intelligence company. A leading metric for evaluating customer loyalty, the Net Promoter Score is a key indicator to growth and determines customers’ likelihood to recommend a company’s brand, product or service. According to an ...Read More

A Newbie Guide to Databases

Databases are an incredibly useful tool for storing data. Similar to a library storing books in an organized structure consisting of categories – such as history or art – a database imposes order on your data so that you can quickly construct the information you are looking for. Different types of databases ...Read More