AppDynamics Innovates the Partner Program Offering Guaranteed Margins


While traditional partner programs work for some technology providers, our contention is that most do not protect the margins of their partners since the payment to the partner is based off the ultimate cost to the customer. Never a company to follow the crowd, AppDynamics is turning the traditional partnership model on its ear.

Today, the team here at AppDynamics announced a revitalized, enhanced partner program to better serve new and existing customers, allowing access to the See, Act, Know model our customers have come to know and love. The program also includes an unprecedented compensation model for potential customers. In this model, solution partners’ margins are guaranteed, no matter the cost to the end user.

Now you may be thinking, “Why would AppDynamics do this?  It seems too good to be true; what’s in it for them?”

I’m glad you asked. In it for us is the ability to keep pace with demand for APM solutions in the marketplace. In the fourth quarter of FY 2014, AppDynamics hit an annualized bookings run-rate of more than $100 million. That’s huge! The world is increasingly reliant upon software-defined businesses, and these businesses require software like AppDynamics in order to function and protect their revenue streams. We are experiencing unprecedented success at this juncture in our maturation – in fact, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is based off of customers answering a simple question along the lines of: “would you recommend AppDynamics to your friend?” is 83. Not to brag too much, but that’s based out of a score of 100, and the average enterprise software company score is around 19. To provide even more context, Apple, arguably the most well-recognized and well-received company in the world, has a score of 64. With those numbers, it is certainly in our best interest to expand our partner program in order to scale rapidly.

Some of the new solution providers that have recently joined the AppDynamics Partner Program include AHEAD, Applied Computer Solutions, Continuum Security Solutions, FusionStorm, Lumenate, Maryville Technologies, ShadowSoft, Trace3 and Vizuri.

If your company provides solutions that help organizations manage and optimize their business critical applications, check out how you can join the AppDynamics ecosystem of partners here.