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Get Into the Cloud: AppDynamics at Amazon Web Services re:Invent

The AppDynamics and Amazon Web Services (AWS) relationship grows stronger each year, with marquee joint customers such as Nasdaq. Our Application Intelligence Platform continues to evolve enabling enterprises to manage their cloud applications more efficiently and gain complete visibility and control into an expanded set of AWS services, with an exclusive 60 ...Read More

5 Quick Node.js Application Performance Tips

This article series has covered a lot of ground: it presented an overview of application performance management (APM), it identified the challenges in implementing an APM strategy, it proposed a top-5 list of important metrics to measure to assess the health of an enterprise Node.js application, and it presented AppDynamics’ approach to ...Read More

Did Disney design today’s smart car…in 1958!?

In 1958, Disney made a prediction of the automotive industry. Disney expected that “speed, safety and comfort” would be the keynotes of tomorrow’s cars and highways. In this video about the “cars of tomorrow” (which we can surmise to mean cars of today since this was in the fifties!), viewers are told ...Read More

Franken-Monitor Visits a War Room [COMIC]

Having silo’d monitoring toolsets will often provide more trouble than they’re worth. All too often, monitoring tools don’t work well together, provide conflicting data, or just simply can’t diagnose the problem. In a War Room scenario — where people from the database team, servers, developers, IT operations, and anyone else involved — ...Read More

Comparing Healthcare.gov performance improvement vs. J Crew.com slowdown

Each week, we measure the website home page performance of about 30 consumer sites using our Browser Synthetic Monitoring (Beta) tool. A summary of the results with the complete rankings and data for each of the sites is published each week by MobileStrategies360.com. It’s incredibly interesting to see how these sites change ...Read More

London School of Economics Gains Improved User Experience with AppDynamics

This blog post is based on the London School of Economics and Political Science press release published on September 15.  This week, I had the chance to learn about an exciting new partnership we kicked off with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). LSE is a world-renowned institution that serves ...Read More

Q&A: Add Apache Web Server to your Unified Monitoring Toolkit

Last month Amod Gupta and I presented in a webinar titled “Add Apache Web Server to your Unified Monitoring Toolkit”. I kicked off the webinar by providing an overview of AppDynamics Unified Monitoring solution and an overview of Apache Server Monitoring solution. Figure 1. Application Flow Map with Business Transaction starting from ...Read More

C Spire pinpoints errors during agile application development

This blog is based on the C Spire press release published on September 8.  I recently caught up with Eric Jacobsen, Application Systems Architect at C Spire in Ridgeland, Mississippi. C Spire is a diversified telecommunications and technology services company and operates the nation’s sixth largest wireless communications unit. The company offers a full ...Read More

Back-to-School Retail Web Site Performance Analysis

It’s somehow time to mark the end of summer with Labor Day weekend. And with that time, comes the rush we remember well as Back to School season. As most students are already back or soon to return to school, we decided to look at some major retailers and how their back-to-school ...Read More

EMA Report: The Need for Unified Monitoring [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the first things I learned when I started working in application intelligence was how central the application economy is to connecting components like code, data, and design, with concepts like IoT. Applications drive the network between enterprise and their end-users. As its economy skyrockets, the back-end requirements to scale that growth ...Read More