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Industry Insights: Gartner Survey Analysis Critical Dimensions in APM

Gartner analyst Cameron Haight did a survey Survey Analysis: End-User Experience Monitoring Is the Critical Dimension for Enterprise APM Consumers (Gartner clients only) over the summer across users about their APM implementations. There are several key areas where the data is quite telling. Users main concerns Users of APM tools based on ...Read More

Reinventing Retail with the Internet of Things, Data, and Massive Insights

Retail as we know it is about to change. Retail Systems Research conducted a study, The Internet of Things in Retail: Great Expectations, and found that 80% of respondents agreed: the Internet of Things will drastically change the way companies do business in the next three years. Huge efficiencies are coming out ...Read More

Running your Best Holiday Season with AppDynamics

Online shopping is one of the biggest drivers of revenue and customer loyalty for the retail industry, especially during holiday season. However, preparing for the holidays comes with its own requirements for stakeholders as well. Any potential downtime or system crashes can directly impact a customer’s experience, and therefore the bottom line ...Read More

Jostle Workplaces Work Better Thanks to AppDynamics Application Intelligence

This blog post is based on the Jostle case study I recently had the chance to catch up with Teg Ryan, director of technical operations at Jostle — an award-winning Vancouver-based software design firm. Jostle’s primary objective is to build “a radically better intranet” for every customer, where workplaces are incredibly vibrant ...Read More

Monitoring Asynchronous Business Transactions

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Essential to Successful Ecommerce Back in the day, everybody expected synchronous behavior from business applications and web sites. Click a link and wait for a response – while in the meantime, the technology is doing whatever it can to respond to your request, blocking other activities until it’s ...Read More

When Is Research Not Research?

  We all know that analysts and independent research firms that publish market insight reports and predictions for the future vary widely in validity and credibility. There are huge variances in how vendors are ranked and, at AppDynamics, we tend to take these reports with a pinch of salt, content as we ...Read More

Gaining the Competitive Advantage: Balancing Content and Performance

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a bookworm with my nose always stuck in some reading material. These days, I’m still a constant reader, though almost everything I read now is on-line on one device or another. I’ve written before about the importance of performance for content dependent businesses. Based ...Read More

Turning Black Friday Gold [Infographic]

Holiday season for retailers this year means a little more than just stocking online inventory and extending shopping hours. Today’s software-defined retailers need to rely on the few days of holiday shopping season to determine their business’ ultimate success. That requires a little more insight into the performance and uptime of online ...Read More

If Slow and Steady Wins the Race Hillary May be on Track to 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination

If you don’t follow politics, you might not have noticed that there are actually two parties with candidates vying to become their party’s nominee for the general election. Well, the Democrats have just held their first debate, and like the Republicans, we’ve been monitoring and tracking the performance of each candidate’s web ...Read More

Top 5 Performance Metrics for Node.js Applications

The last couple articles presented an introduction to Application Performance Management (APM) and identified the challenges in effectively implementing an APM strategy. This article builds on these topics by reviewing five of the top performance metrics to capture to assess the health of your enterprise Node.js application. Specifically this article reviews the ...Read More