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How to Migrate to Microservices

Today, modern enterprise is rushing head first into an always-on, digital-centric, mobile world. Organizations that fail to modify their approach to technology will be left by the wayside as others incorporate highly flexible and scalable architectures that adapt quickly and efficiently to the demands of the modern marketplace. The rapid rise in ...Read More

SAP Hybris: Achieving Omni-channel with Application Performance

The retail industry is transforming in today’s digital age. Consumer behavior keeps evolving and online spending is skyrocketing. In addition, retail customers are looking for a blended online and in-store experience and expecting brick-and-mortar stores and online channels to be integrated through an omni-channel strategy. This requires retailers to become customer obsessed ...Read More

The Key Values of the Internet of Things [eBook]

A few weeks ago I talked about the criteria your team needs to assess before moving forward with adopting into the Internet of Things (IoT) for enterprise. There is definitely no shortage of resources when it comes to accessing the Internet of Things in the market. In fact, the venture capital funding ...Read More

Measuring What Matters: How to Achieve the End-User Experience

Finding the right metric to report on end-user performance can be a challenge given the menu of metrics collected by the many synthetic monitoring products in the market.  In the past, two metrics dominated synthetic benchmarking. The first is the time to download an entire page, excluding browser pauses to execute JavaScript ...Read More

Cyber Monday: Past, Present, and Future

Cyber Monday is the name that marketers give to the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is a vital date in the retail calendar, with millions of consumers around the world logging on to the web each year to find great deals on holiday gifts for their friends and family. Traditionally, many retailers view ...Read More

Top 5 Retail Performance Metrics You Should be Monitoring

Hopefully, by now you’ve recognized the vital importance application performance has on your bottom line. In retail, specifically, this is extremely apparent. Unfortunately, all too often we see some big online retailer have an outage during a peak period. Whether that’s on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or a special product launch, retailers ...Read More

The Relationship Between Software Performance And Retail Success

As customers’ demand for a convenient, seamless, and personalized digital shopping experience reaches critical mass, there’s been a magnifying focus on the technology underlying the entire process. Retails everywhere are becoming customer-obsessed, investing in innovations such as omni-channel, IoT, and geo-fencing. What’s being overlooked, however, is the performance of these applications. The ...Read More

A Deep Dive into Docker – Part 2

In Part One of this Docker primer I gave you an overview of Docker, how it came about, why it has grown so fast and where it is deployed. In the second section, I’ll delve deeper into technical aspects of Docker, such as the difference between Docker and virtual machines, the difference ...Read More

4 Questions to Ask Before Adopting the Internet of Things

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: there’s another side to the Internet that isn’t just about connecting people. The Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting virtually any “thing” or machine. They could range from personal wearables to smart homes, smart cities’ infrastructure, utilities, transportation, and manufacturing. You’ve probably heard by ...Read More

An Introduction to Docker – Part 1

What is Docker? In simple terms, the Docker platform is all about making it easier to create, deploy and run applications by using containers. Containers let developers package up an application with all of the necessary parts, such as libraries and other elements it is dependent upon, and then ship it all ...Read More