Scott Davis

About Scott Davis

Scott believes in the power of user experience research to transform the quality of end user interactions. He has worked extensively in consulting for many of the nation’s Fortune 100 companies, advising and engaging them on all aspects of improving the usability of their products and services. Presently, Scott is working in enterprise UX, where he develops and socializes long-term research strategies. In his free time, he travels to Spanish-speaking countries and goes surfing.

Improve Your UX and You’re Bound to See eCommerce Success

Commerce has become both digital and global: Online sales are expected to exceed $1.6 trillion dollars by 2020. As a customer preferred way of doing business, ecommerce offers increased selection, value, and convenience. Online shopping also offers merchants increased access to customer data and opportunities to capitalize on that information. If your business isn’t keeping […]

Why User Experience Is Critical to Your Business Outcomes [Infographic]

There are customers who love engaging with your business, and those who don’t. Now more than ever, this dichotomy has significant competitive implications. Social media enables the user experience to go viral, which gives a megaphone to your business’s most dissatisfied customers. This—among less dramatic reasons—is why modern organizations have placed the discipline of User […]