Death by Garbage Collection

Every man and his dog knows that Garbage Collection (GC) is a “stop the world” event. Java memory becomes filled with redundant objects/data which over time must be collected so that memory can be reclaimed and reused by the JVM. When the GC thread in the JVM kicks in all other threads grind to a […]


Total Product Marketing Names AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal a top cloud Trust Leader

We’re happy to announce that AppDynamics Founder & CEO Jyoti Bansal was recently named one of the Top 101 Trust Leaders in Cloud & Hosting for 2014 by Total Product Marketing, a digital marketing and design agency. The list features prominent members of the cloud industry including Marc Benioff who have contributed to the cloud’s […]


Making scale isn’t a quick fix

Like many of you, I’ve been following the news about the Obamacare situation. I’m not going to blame the President or his administration for the performance issues that are experiencing. I’m not going to blame the contractors that did the integration work. Instead I’m going to blame the colleges and universities around the world […]


Top 10 Reasons Why eCommerce Apps Will Fail This Black Friday

My wife is a shopoholic and serial checkout killer. Every week she spends several hours browsing and carefully adding items to shopping carts. Every now and then she’ll interrupt my sports program with an important announcement “My Checkout just failed”. Take this example Mrs Appman sent me during the month of September: The fact I […]


The DevOps Pay Raise: Quantifying Your Value to Move Up the Ladder

Taken from DevOpsDownUnder in Sydney, Australia, July 2013. DevOps, when done right, usually goes unnoticed. It’s only when something breaks that all eyes turn to IT. If your boss only sees you when the app is down, however, that’s not really doing your career any favors. In this session we’ll talk about how to prove […]


AppJam San Francisco Wrap-up – Nodetime, Mobile Monitoring and More

Another AppJam San Francisco is over, and it was our best one yet! Over 300 APM users and experts joined us at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco for a day full of great sessions from our CEO, Expedia and the AppDynamics product team. In case you weren’t able to join us in SF, here’s […]


How much does downtime cost?

Unscheduled downtime happens all the time. In 2012 alone dozens of big-name websites went down for hours at a time, from to, well, almost anything running on Amazon. Every time an outage occurs, the Internet has a field day speculating about everything from the cause of the outage to who got fired for it. […]


Compuware rank AppDynamics Customer Overstock as #1 Performing Retail Website

Huge congratulations to for ranking number 1 in Compuware’s US Retail website performance index. At AppDynamics we couldn’t be happier to see one of our production customers achieving such high accolades from Compuware. Watch Neil Hartner, Senior Architect at explain how they went about optimizing their website using AppDynamics. You can also read […]


What APM Vendors can learn from building Supercars

McLaren this year will launch their P1 Supercar, which will turn the average driver into a track day hero. What’s significant about this particular car is that it relies on modern day technology and innovation to transform a drivers ability to accelerate, corner and stop faster than any other car on the planet–because it has: […]