Eric Smith

About Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a Sales Engineer with AppDynamics in Seattle and works with customers to implement performance monitoring solutions in their environments. Eric has over 14 years of experience in the industry, previously working for companies such as Microsoft and Coverity.

Best Practices from the Field: Performance Testing with AppDynamics

Recently I’ve been working with some of my larger customers on ways they can revamp their performance testing using AppDynamics. During this process, what became evident was that performance testing with an APM tool is much different than performance testing without. As part of this, we uncovered a few best practices that I don’t see […]

Scaling Your Application Efficiently – Horizontal or Vertical?

Anyone deploying an application in production probably has some experience with scaling to meet increased demand. A generation ago, virtualization made scaling your application as simple as increasing your instance count or size. However, now with the advent of cloud, you can scale to theoretical infinity. Maybe you’ve even set up some auto-scaling based on […]

Monitoring IBM Maximo Performance

If you’re like most of our customers running IBM Maximo, you’ve probably run into a performance issue or two recently — maybe it was something obvious, maybe it took a long time to debug, maybe you bought some more consulting services to fix it or maybe you are the consultant who’s trying to fix it. […]