Sh!t APM Vendors Say


  • snsumner

    OMG, I almost threw up watching this too funny and so true.  I’m going to give you a 70% discount above 10 million dollars, priceless.  Absolutely we run in production but we got to get the PO first. 😉

  • Garbomon777

    laughed so hard, I dropped my cocktail to the floor 😉

    Java beans, fava beans, WOW!

  • Phil McNamee

    My Latte just squirted out my nose and all over my keyboard…still laughing..

  • Tim_theresa

    classic. I think that bald guy sold me a car once!

  • Competitor

    I work for one of your competitors and of course this video applies to everyone except us, but DANG, that was funny! 🙂