uses AppDynamics to find issues New Relic couldn’t

This blog post is a summary of a case study that I conducted with You can read the full case study HERE. Every company is becoming a software company In this post, I would like to discuss a common theme that is beginning to emerge as I speak to our diverse ...Read More

AppDynamics: Unified Monitoring for the Enterprise

This article originally appeared on Intellyx blog Rounding Out Platform with Synthetic Monitoring A decade ago, the Application Performance Management (APM) market was a dusty corner of enterprise IT, focusing on keeping creaky enterprise apps up and running. Today, the world has changed. Applications have changed. Enterprise IT is undergoing rapid reinvention. ...Read More

Devs Read Mean App Reviews [VIDEO]

For mobile app developers, their app’s rating is the only metric that matters. In no other industry is your work graded with such a public display that directly relates to your future success. Imagine if restaurants had to display their Yelp and reviews on their front door.  This is why we decided ...Read More

3 Reasons Why An App Is Not Enough For Success In Retail

Today is an exciting day in my career at AppDynamics so far, because we have just released a report called “An app is not enough – a new research report for software-defined retailers“. It’s the result of a lot of hard work by the EMEA marketing team in which we surveyed 4018 ...Read More

Cisco drives application visibility and business outcomes with AppDynamics

Being on the frontline of digital enterprise builds a solid foundation towards pioneering innovative methods to advance your business–but it also entails simplifying complex processes and high volumes of data on a day to day basis. As the reigning leader in IP-based networking products and services, Cisco Systems provides a range of ...Read More

The Enterprise is Ready for the Cloud …

Recently, we here at AppDynamics have seen two major transformations in adoption of the public cloud. First is the adoption of the cloud for production workloads, and second is adoption of the cloud by large enterprises. Transformation 1: From Dev/Test/QA to Production Workloads Because dev/test cycles for applications have different capacity requirements ...Read More

Improving Client Service Through Cloud Application Monitoring

This article originally appeared on Kurtosys’ blog. In the last two years, there has been a big change in the way Kurtosys delivers applications to clients, most of which can be attributed to the use of cloud-based Infrastructure services. To keep pace with this shift, we have had to make some serious ...Read More

What’s New in the World of Application Analytics

Software is eating the world. The more it eats, the bigger the mountain of data and wealth of valuable insights to digest and act on. Forward facing customer-centric IT organizations, leaders and professionals are looking to answer questions like how much revenue was lost today from platinum users not converting because they ...Read More

3 Benefits of Single-Page Applications and How to Monitor Them

These days, organizations increasingly understand the importance of providing a delightful user experience to their customers as a key contributor to achieving their business objectives. They also increasingly realize that the performance of their websites, as experienced by the customers, is critically important to providing a good customer experience. Similarly, organizations are ...Read More

Asynchronous transactions power real-time web applications

Real-time web applications are becoming very popular in this software-defined world. “Real-time” often means a very quick response time from the web/application server. In modern programming, it is typically accomplished by making a series of non-blocking asynchronous calls. Most of the popular programming languages are now supporting asynchronous transactions. Node.js, for example, ...Read More