Innovate, Renovate, And Dominate – The Mantra Of The Digital Business

This was the theme for Gartner’s Application Architecture, Development & Integration (#GartnerAADI) conference, held in London on the 18th and 19th May 2015. We attended and showcased our Application Intelligence platform, and being an ex-Forrester employee I was excited to see how Gartner events compared. Firstly, hats off to Gartner, this was ...Read More

IT Transformation At Upcoming Gartner Infrastructure and Operations Events

My previous alma mater, Gartner, is gearing up for two major events for infrastructure and operations professionals. These two conferences consist of IT Operations Management Summits in both Orlando (June 15th to 17th at booth #403) and Berlin (June 1st and 2nd at booth S1). I’m going to be attending both of ...Read More

5 .NET Performance Issues Where Dev and Ops Play the Blame Game

I spend a large portion of my time working with customers to review performance issues in production environments. I was asked by some colleagues to share some insight into some of the more interesting findings. Before launching into a list of offenders, I think it’s worth explaining how often I hear the ...Read More

Monitoring ADO.NET Performance

One of the most overlooked parts of .NET is the glue that links your application through to a database known as ADO.NET (an evolution of ActiveX Data Objects). The lowly connection string is the only real access we get to the underlying technology. I was with a client recently and noticed they ...Read More

CIO: Systems of engagement require visibility and analytics

As we’ve all seen over the last several years, there’s been a dramatic re-allocation of budget and focus to move innovation from systems of record to systems of engagement. In its research report, “The Seismic Shift in Application Portfolios,” Forrester describes how companies using primarily less fluid software in systems of record ...Read More

Baltic DevOps and Upcoming DevOps Monitoring Webinar

I was able to spend time in Tallinn at the first TopConf conference focused on DevOps. The conference had a good turnout of over 80 attendees for its first year. The list of speakers was excellent at the conference, including technology companies such as Skype and SoundCloud and thought leaders of DevOps ...Read More

What kind of developer are you? [QUIZ]

Are you a brogrammer just “crushing” code? Maybe you’re a buzzword bandit quick to use “SoMoClo” and other trendy terms? Or maybe you’re just not sure which stereotypical bucket you fall under. That’s why we created this highly scientific personality quiz to assess your true developer personality. This quick test asks about your food ...Read More

Innovation Catalyst: A changing mandate for the CIO [INFOGRAPHIC]

“CIOs should build a platform for innovation to unlock its potential.” Technology-driven innovation is everywhere. It’s in our electronic devices and in almost every product or service we use as customers in some shape or form. From enterprise social media to algothythmic decision-making apps right through to big data and analytics, it’s ...Read More

How IT can redeem itself from critical outages

In my previous post, I discussed how AppDynamics Application Analytics can rapidly troubleshoot gradually degrading apps. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how IT can redeem themselves from unfortunate outages leveraging ITOA or application analytics. With so many factors impacting application performance today, it is not surprising that applications frequently are either ...Read More

Keep CALM And Embrace DevOps – Measurement

The next letter in the DevOps CALMS model brings us to M for Measurement. Focusing on the right metrics and measurements is vital if you are going to succeed with DevOps adoption. “You Never Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You Have Been” There are not many times in ...Read More