Five reasons why BAM and CEP have failed you

Back in 2005, the concept Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) was coined by Gartner to capture the requirement of visibility into business operations. BAM delivered this visibility through aggregation and summarization of information around business activities. The BAM solution would capture event data, aggregate them into a single store, apply some context on ...Read More

5 tips to ensure optimal performance of Node.js apps

In this software-defined world, where enterprises are delivering most of their services via web applications and mobile apps, it is very important for them to ensure their customers are getting excellent experience. Node.js is rapidly becoming one of the most popular platforms for building fast and scalable web and mobile applications. The Infographic, ...Read More

Aspire. Inspire. Perspire. Women in Tech (WiT) meets SoulCycle

Women in Technology is a hot topic that has gained a lot of traction over the past few years, specifically in the Bay Area, where the deficit of women is noticeable in almost every office you set foot in. As people and companies come together to solve the issue, one thing has ...Read More

CIO’s Main Responsibility: Innovation Catalyst [PODCAST]

Recently, we had a guest post by Brandon Bichler of Elixirr. He discussed how the role of the CIO has transformed to be the epicenter of innovation within their company.  As new C-level roles emerge, such as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), the IT budget allocated to the CIO is severely diminished. ...Read More

AppDynamics Now Available on Federal GSA Schedule Through Promark Alliance

Government IT executives are looking for a solution that gives them real-time information about how their critical applications are performing, while they are trying to meet key initiatives like moving to the cloud and data center modernization. The AppDynamics solution gives them end-to-end visibility into application performance in complex and distributed environments, ...Read More

AppDynamics partner strategies designed to deliver digital transformation

The age of experimentation with digital is over. Enterprises are transforming into software-defined entities at an ever-accelerating pace. E-commerce is growing at double-digit rates in the US and most European countries, and is booming across Asia. Companies from the entire spectrum of industries are dedicating or acquiring vast resources to focus on ...Read More

AppDynamics Women in Technology (WiT) Group

AppDynamics started its “Women In Technology” community group about two years ago, on a sunny and warm July afternoon. After a couple months of informal conversations, we decided this was an effort we needed to focus on as a company, and set up our first official meeting. For the first couple of ...Read More

8 Steps to Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript

Recently, we’ve been moving our Browser RUM agent from JavaScript to TypeScript. Though it’s been a challenge, we enjoyed seeing how the change will benefit us and it’s been fun learning a new language in the process. Let me share a little of how we migrated to TypeScript, some of the difficulties ...Read More

The Internet Of Things Will Generate Terabytes Of Data. What Will We Do With All Of It?

In less than 5 years, “the Internet of Things will transform the data center,” says Gartner. This transformation is predicted to trickle across industries and affect business models, how we market products and even inspire new technology developments. With a sensor on absolutely everything – from cars and houses to your family ...Read More

AppDynamics Monitoring Excels for Microservices; New Pricing Model Introduced

It’s no news that microservices are one of the top trends, if not the top trend, in application architectures today. Take large monolithic applications which are brittle and difficult to change and break them into smaller manageable pieces to provide flexibility in deployment models, facilitating agile release and development to meet today’s ...Read More