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65% of enterprises need more than 3 hours to troubleshoot application problems

Recently conducted research by Enterprise Management Associates and AppDynamics showed that IT organizations are spending extensive amounts of time and resources on application support. This research based on a survey of 302 IT professionals, also suggested that the majority of companies are still trying to manage complex applications using siloed tools and ...Read More

Industry Insights: Regulating failure (Reg SCI)

When examining the complexity in today’s applications and environments, and why APM technologies are becoming more critical by the day, those responsible for an application’s lifecycle must understand what an application does. Aside from providing application visibility, APM tools help troubleshoot issues. The failure to see and troubleshoot is a constant struggle ...Read More

CGI uses AppDynamics unified monitoring to gain performance insight

This blog post is a summary of a case study that I conducted with CGI. You can see the full case study HERE. Quite often, the vast majority of the AppDynamics customers that I interview maintain only their own in-house software applications. Speaking to CGI about its performance demands gave me an interesting ...Read More

How Kraft is able to scale using AppDynamics

This blog post is a summary of a case study that I conducted with Kraft. You can see the full case study HERE. Have you ever come across KraftRecipes.com? When it comes to receiving large amounts of traffic, KraftRecipes.com is definitely no exception. A collection of excellent recipes for all sorts of meal ...Read More

So You Want to Buy Some APM – You Need Intelligent Contingencies

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn. Consider that the benefits derived from proactive monitoring do not necessarily come from just one tool, albeit tool selection is a key element, but it is not the only one. “A fool with a tool is still a fool” – Grady Booch. Listening to what your business partners need ...Read More

Too many tools, not enough big picture: A case of Franken-monitoring

In recent interview, an IT operations director told us, “We frankly have too many tools, and many of them weren’t performing to our expectations.” If you are an enterprise ops leader managing complex applications, chance are pretty high that you can relate to that statement. At AppDynamics, we call this “Franken-monitoring,” a situation ...Read More

Apartments.com uses AppDynamics to find issues New Relic couldn’t

This blog post is a summary of a case study that I conducted with Apartments.com. You can read the full case study HERE. Every company is becoming a software company In this post, I would like to discuss a common theme that is beginning to emerge as I speak to our diverse ...Read More

AppDynamics: Unified Monitoring for the Enterprise

This article originally appeared on Intellyx blog Rounding Out Platform with Synthetic Monitoring A decade ago, the Application Performance Management (APM) market was a dusty corner of enterprise IT, focusing on keeping creaky enterprise apps up and running. Today, the world has changed. Applications have changed. Enterprise IT is undergoing rapid reinvention. ...Read More

Cisco drives application visibility and business outcomes with AppDynamics

Being on the frontline of digital enterprise builds a solid foundation towards pioneering innovative methods to advance your business–but it also entails simplifying complex processes and high volumes of data on a day to day basis. As the reigning leader in IP-based networking products and services, Cisco Systems provides a range of ...Read More

Improving Client Service Through Cloud Application Monitoring

This article originally appeared on Kurtosys’ blog. In the last two years, there has been a big change in the way Kurtosys delivers applications to clients, most of which can be attributed to the use of cloud-based Infrastructure services. To keep pace with this shift, we have had to make some serious ...Read More